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Carey Cleaning Machines Bring Game Changing Robotic Innovation to Ireland

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Carey Cleaning Machines Bring Game Changing Robotic Innovation to Ireland

Carey Cleaning Machines Bring Game Changing Robotic Innovation to Ireland
August 19
12:59 2022
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County Antrim business Carey Cleaning Machines has unveiled game changing robotic innovation at an event which they hosted at their premises in Ballymena. 

In a first for Ireland, they presented three autonomous industrial floor cleaning machines to an invited audience of guests including leading industrial, retail and public sector representatives. The attendees were treated to a demonstration of the machines in action by Managing Director William Carey as well as having the opportunity for some hands on experience to see the autonomous technology in operation. As the cleaning industry grapples with the challenges of costs, efficiency, labour availability, health and safety, Carey’s experience in problem solving and bringing innovation to the cleaning sector provides a strong foundation for this latest phase of developments which can transform working practices overnight. 

Since founding Carey Cleaning Machines in 2006, William Carey and his team’s prime cleaning machine partnership has been with Tennant Company, the providers of the most technologically advanced, highest quality cleaning machines available on the market today. Now Tennant have partnered with Brain Corp, a robotics market innovator, to create a range of autonomous floor scrubbers to become the global leader in autonomous mobile robots.

With three different sizes in the range to suit all scales of premises, each offers a holistic return on investment with the aim of increasing productivity and providing more cleaning time, making more hours available for employees to be redeployed to do other value added tasks. The industrial-strength design enables cleaning of various floor surfaces thoroughly in a single pass with the ability to run multiple routes, back-to-back, without assistance.

The machine’s advanced technology can transform business cleaning solutions in any designated area from large expanses to narrow aisles and as they are designed for fully autonomous cleaning, the machines work safely alongside employees and customers, while navigating around obstacles using onboard cameras and sensors to provide the required level of safety. The machines can also be pre programmed to run overnight covering up to 160,000 square feet. In terms of efficiency, the optional on-board award-winning ec-H2O NanoClean™ Technology eliminates the need to use detergent and uses 70% less water. 

Each machine in the range is powered by BrainOS®, an advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platform, from Tennant partner Brain Corporation. The full range includes; The Tennant T380AMR, a compact floor scrubbing machine ideal for retail stores, hospitals and education facilities. The T7AMR is the medium scrubber ideal for mid-to-large spaces like larger retail stores, shopping centres and warehouses, clubs, education, and some warehousing and logistics facilities. While the T16AMR is the first robotic scrubber designed specifically for industrial and warehouse spaces, with a 36” scrub path. In addition to consistent and efficient floor cleaning, the machines are connected via an onboard system which provides supervisor notification of route completion and weekly reporting to maintain efficiency. 

Speaking at the event, William Carey said, ”We were excited to run our first series of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Learning and Demonstration Events and were delighted with the excellent response and feedback from participants. I look forward to introducing this exciting and innovative technology to further groups in the future events we are planning”

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Alderman Noel Williams was a guest at the event and was impressed with the technical advancements on display and the potential it could have for the borough. The Mayor said: “I have really enjoyed my visit to Carey Cleaning Machines to see the autonomous robotic machines. They are a tremendous innovation. I like to see innovation coming to the borough which can create jobs.”

The Carey business has grown in Ireland, based on a reputation for providing customers with real solutions to their problems, a strong return on investment and excellent customer service. The close relationship with Tennant Company has also recently led to the creation of the CareyTennant brand, as Carey’s launch their Exclusive Tennant Distributorship in Ireland, reflecting the desire to bring the best of global cleaning technology coupled with the highest standards of local cleaning expertise and customer service to a growing customer base in Ireland. This launch of the robotic revolution to Ireland is yet another sign of their innovative intentions.  

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