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Kingspan’s UltraTech Versatile, Single-Source Cleanroom Solutions

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Kingspan’s UltraTech Versatile, Single-Source Cleanroom Solutions

Kingspan’s UltraTech Versatile, Single-Source Cleanroom Solutions
May 13
14:16 2020
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Kingspan Cleanroom Systems are innovative, high-end and versatile cleanroom solutions tailored to your individual project requirements. With over 50 years’ experience in the construction industry, Kingspan offers the ultimate high performing cleanroom solutions. UltraTech Cleanroom Systems are backed up by exceptional 360° support and service. From initial concept and specification through product layouts using our in house BIM software (subject to product choice and project demands), to transport co-ordination and installation guidance, we are with you every step of the way;

Our UltraTech Versatile system features our advanced QuadCore® insulation core technology. delivering superior fire, environmental and thermal lifetime performance.

QuadCore® is Kingspan’s new hybrid insulation core technology with a unique formulation that creates microcells with unrivalled thermal performance, superior fire protection and enhanced environmental credentials.

QuadCore® provides the highest level of certification and approvals, as well as being the first closed-cell insulated panel approved to FM 4882 for smoke sensitive occupancies.

Versatile and Versatile Flush systems are high performing systems that benefit from:

  • QuadCore® technology providing the highest level of certification and approvals, as well as being the first closed-cell insulated panel approved to FM 4882 for smoke sensitive occupancies.
  • Ultra-fast build speed
  • Quick delivery turnaround
  • Production sites with ISO certification

Product Features

Full flush floor detail – Factory engineered base detail allowing a recessed based and the ability to have a fully flush wall to floor detail

Integration with flush services – With specialist adaptor profiles you can integrate the features you would only usually see within a fully flush build such as; electrical raceway, service conduits and air return panels

Doors and Windows – Semi-flush allowing them to be fitted retrospectively speeding up the build process, flush options also available using the interface profiles

Why is FM 4882 so important for smoke- sensitive occupancies?

In many fires, it is quite common for the monetary losses associated with smoke damage to be many times greater than those associated with direct flame damage, especially for smoke-sensitive occupancies such as cleanrooms. In fact, the indirect damage and impact caused by smoke generation in a cleanroom environment could be significant and widespread, leading to:

  • Loss of stored and in-process products
  • Damage to expensive equipment
  • Significant business interruption and
  • Decontamination of building contents – smoke damage is very difficult, time-consuming and expensive to clean

In summary, there are many benefits associated with the specification of FM 4882 approved Class 1 low-smoke insulated panel systems including:

  • The only wall and ceiling panels in the world tested and certified for use in smoke sensitive occupancies such as pharmaceutical, food processing and other smoke sensitive industries
  • Reduced fire loss, significant reduction in smoke-related loss, and reduce business downtime
  • Strong enough to be power washed
  • Sprinkler protection may be reduced or eliminated if the occupancy allows

FM 4882 approved Class 1 insulated panel systems limit self-propagation of fire and generate less smoke. Kingspan’s UltraTech Versatile range is FM 4882 approved to the pharmaceutical manufacturing & storage, food prep & storage and similar occupancies standard.

Case study

Sonaca Aerospace

Sector – Government

Products – UltraTech Versatile walls & Ceilings, UltraTech Semi-Flush Doors

This industrial cleanroom houses a crane for lifting heavy parts of commercial aircraft. 8.5m spans were used for the high walls, while our 10m spans were used to create a fully walkable ceiling.  The project features UltraTech Versatile semi-flush wall panels, UltraTech Versatile semi-flush ceilings and UltraTech semi-flush doors.

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