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Vodafone Ireland IoT connections grow 35% year-on-year

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Vodafone Ireland IoT connections grow 35% year-on-year

Vodafone Ireland IoT connections grow 35% year-on-year
May 01
08:00 2020
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Agriculture, health, transportation and logistics lead the charge as Vodafone Ireland IoT Connections grow 35% year-on-year.

Vodafone Ireland has today announced that the number of global connections for its Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Ireland has grown 35% Year-on-Year.

IoT is the network of physical objects and devices capable of talking to each other and interact with the environment by virtue of being connected to the internet. With 5.4 billion IoT connections forecasted worldwide by 2027, Vodafone Ireland is seeing steady growth in IoT across all sectors as more and more technologies connect using their global and local IoT networks, with sectors such as agriculture, health, transportation and logistics leading the charge.

According to the recently published Vodafone IoT Barometer, the rise in adoption is due to the ease with which organisations can buy cost-effective, off-the-shelf IoT solutions and bring them to life with reliable, secure, connectivity. Respondents from 1,750 business from across the globe, including Ireland, said IoT technology is having a profound impact across many sectors and industries.

For example, 86% of adopters surveyed in the automotive industry are using or plan to use IoT to increase revenue and differentiate their products. Additionally, 84% of insurance adopters say their business strategy has changed because of IoT. Overall, 60% of adopters say that IoT will have completely disrupted their industry in five years’ time.

IoT technology is fast becoming a crucial part of everyday life in Ireland, with uses including telemetry for your car, connected ambulances, CCTV connectivity, GPS tracking, streetlight and signage management and more. In the healthcare sector, Vodafone IoT is already enabling remote monitoring for people living with chronic conditions, removing their need to travel, improving lives dramatically for people living in rural areas.

Vodafone Ireland sees agriculture as the sector with the most growth potential in Ireland. Agricultural companies can achieve higher, top-quality yields, increase productivity and lower costs with IoT solutions. Field sensors – or always-on IoT devices with long battery life – connected by low-power NB-IoT technology can take into account crop conditions, temperatures and weather conditions in order to adjust the way each crop or field is watered.

Treemetrics, a Cork-based software development company also use Vodafone’s global IoT connectivity for a highly innovative online platform called ‘Forest HQ’. This facilitates the planning, inventory, analysis and precision monitoring of forest resources. Treemetrics provides pioneering solutions to the global forest industry in over more than 16 countries.

Debbie Power, IoT Country Manager at Vodafone Ireland, said; “Ireland is very much at the forefront of innovation. As a small country, we are on the cusp of a digital revolution that will reimagine how we live and do business – IoT and the connectivity to enable it will play a key role in that transformation”.

“Adoption of IoT technologies has grown significantly in the last year in Ireland. Organisations are now using IoT technology to create completely new services and transform their businesses. We are seeing adoption across a number of sectors, but some are consuming more readily than others. The most active industries include utilities (electricity, water, gas & telecoms), automotive, agriculture, logistics and healthcare”.

“Gartner’s positioning of Vodafone in the Leaders quadrant for a record fifth consecutive year recognises our exceptional progress in IoT, as well as our standing as a thought leader and innovator. We want to ensure equality of access to leading technologies by all people and businesses in Ireland, regardless of location. We are working closely with government and the wider industry to ensure that collectively there is a focus on this in the years to come.”

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