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World premiere: Schütz IBC receives the “FM approved” seal

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World premiere: Schütz IBC receives the “FM approved” seal

World premiere: Schütz IBC receives the “FM approved” seal
November 17
11:55 2020
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The Ecobulk SX-D is specially fitted with a steel hull to provide extensive protection against fire and withstand even extreme conditions. In the event of a fire, the steel containment basin prevents flammable contents from leaking and significantly reduces the spread of fire. The Schütz IBC thus makes a significant contribution to risk minimisation by providing double leakage protection. The  SX-D provides safe packaging for sensitive, hazardous products. Now, its performance has again been corroborated by an external authority: this Schütz container is the first, and so far the only composite IBC to be awarded the “FM approved” certification seal by the FM Global Group. The approval, which is based on the internationally recognised industrial property insurer’s FM 6020 test standard, applies to flammable and combustible liquids with a flash point of ≥ 37.8°C. The conditions required for approval included a very demanding fire test, which the SX-D passed in full, and a comprehensive audit of the Schütz production facility by FM Global.


Active risk minimisation reduces costs and saves time


The specialised US insurance company believes that most damage can be avoided, and this is why FM engineers subject the policyholder’s business operations to a rigorous advance scrutiny and evaluation process. Based on the results, potential risks are specifically reduced by applying concepts, methods and equipment that have already been tested. In this respect, the SX-D fully won over the experts. It meets the highest safety standards thanks to its special design: as an extension of the conventional steel grid, the IBC has a closed, fireproof outer hull made of steel. Welded to the integrated containment basin, this shell forms its own sealed container around the inner bottle of the IBC. This double-wall construction provides effective additional protection against leakage, even in extreme situations such as a fire with extremely high temperatures. Furthermore, all three filling and/or discharge openings are located on the top of the container, which features an opening with a nominal diameter of DN 150, a G2 and an S56 bung for enhanced protection. The openings are protected by steel caps. The front bung is equipped with a dip tube system and a pump system can also be connected to discharge the contents.


By using this IBC, customers actively contribute to risk minimisation and save costs within the supply chain thanks to more efficient processes in handling, storage and transport compared to alternative forms of packaging. The highly mobile, full solution consisting of the container and an integrated containment basin reduces storage risks in any installation site, from the filling line to the assembly line. By preventing spillage over large areas, for example in the event of an accident, long downtimes to handle cleaning work become a thing of the past. This is another aspect with a positive impact on the user’s cost-effectiveness and bottom line.


Fire resistance – tested twice


The SX-D has already proven its fire resistance in the UL Test 2368 conducted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This independent organisation, headquartered in Illinois, tests and certifies product safety. It tested the SX-D and awarded it the “UL listed” mark of conformity, meaning that the IBC also complies with the fire protection guideline “NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code” of the National Fire Protection Association in the USA. No other IBC can currently boast the combination of both test marks: “UL listed” and “FM approved”. This means that two independent institutions have both confirmed that the Ecobulk SX-D is ideally suited for flammable and highly combustible liquids and for general use in Ex-zones 1 and 2! The approval of the 1000-litre-capacity IBC is valid for products with a maximum density of 1.9.


Double protection – even for sensitive hazardous goods 


Because the SX-D provides maximum protection for humans and the environment with its double-hull design and closed discharge system, it is also the ideal solution for a further area of application. This IBC model can be used for sensitive or hazardous goods such as Class 6.1, including toluene diisocyanate (TDI). Until now, these filling products have been packed in smaller containers with a lower volume, such as steel drums, to ensure that less liquid can leak out in the event of an accident. The double hull of the SX-D greatly reduces the risk of leakage. In the event that the inner container should leak, the containment basin prevents sensitive products like these from seeping out and contaminating the environment.

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