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Advanced Hygiene Technologies: Transforming Handwashing through Automation

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Advanced Hygiene Technologies: Transforming Handwashing through Automation

Advanced Hygiene Technologies: Transforming Handwashing through Automation
May 28
16:00 2020
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The Future of Hygiene is in Our Hands!

Advanced Hygiene Technologies – One thing that COVID-19 has taught the world is that handwashing will never be (or allowed to be) the same again. There’s just too much riding on it, whether it be from a Public Health, Business or Safety perspective. As exclusive Ireland/UK distributors for the CleanTech® touch-free automated (soap & water) handwashing technology from Meritech®, we are proud to support handwashing performance improvement for all the sectors we serve, including Life Sciences, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare, Cleanrooms, Food Service and Hospitality.

The “New” Normal – Hard Facts

– Handwashing is the first and most important step in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other business-damaging infections like Norovirus (the winter vomiting bug, which is not inactivated by hand gels/sanitisers – the only recommended hand hygiene prevention is proper soap and water handwashing).

– People should wash hands properly and often (every time they move about a building, go to a canteen/toilet, engage with other team members, touch surfaces/equipment etc.)

– Washing hands properly is not achievable on a consistent basis (even in healthcare where they are regularly trained and monitored) due to the complexity of performing a proper handwash (8 steps and 13 different actions to do it effectively).

Transforming Handwashing through Automation

This is why CleanTech® touch-free soap and water handwashing exists, and thrives. CleanTech® was invented by Meritech® and is soap and water handwashing, but CleanTech® fully washes the hands FOR the user in just 12 seconds (vs 35-40 seconds for a proper manual handwash, according to WHO) and is the only hand hygiene automation technology clinically proven to remove >99.9% of pathogens (with 20+ efficacy studies conducted in an independent laboratory).

CleanTech® is one of the best protections employers, employees and customers can be offered in the fight against COVID-19 and other infections. And because it only takes 12 seconds the equipment pays for itself (normally within 12 months) by:

  • Returning 20+ seconds to operations/business for every single handwash
  • Saving up to 70% of the water associated with manual handwashing
  • Less soap usage due to just 5ml (a teaspoon) of UltraPure handwashing solution being dispensed per cycle

In addition to the above the CleanTech® UltraPure handwashing solution contains an emollient which promotes skin health and moisturises users hands, preventing skin irritation even with multiple washes per day, which will be particularly helpful in the “New” Normal world of multiple handwashes per day.

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