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British companies lead the way with new vertical farm in Bermondsey

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British companies lead the way with new vertical farm in Bermondsey

British companies lead the way with new vertical farm in Bermondsey
May 21
10:00 2021
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Vertical Future, a high-growth technology company specialising in controlled-environment-agriculture (CEA), is implementing its ‘Container Lab’ solutions across urban farming business, Crate to Plate’s, new production sites.

Bringing sustainable, local production of leafy greens to urban communities, Crate to Plate is a London-based urban farming business – growing the freshest possible produce, totally free of pesticides and toxic chemicals. Their brand ethos centres around efficient, sustainable production and maintaining a minimal carbon footprint, using significantly less water and space to produce the freshest possible produce with the highest nutrient value. Customers of Crate to Plate include Ollie Dabbous, chef patron of Michelin-starred restaurant, HIDE, as well as independent grocers like The Notting Hill Fish Shop and Artichoke in Hampstead.

Vertical Future’s innovative Container Labs (built within 40 ft shipping containers) are comprised of a fully contained growing environment complete with tuneable multi-spectrum LEDs, full climate control, dual irrigation, software integration, and medical grade materials ensuring an ultra-clean, controlled climate for crops to thrive. By transitioning to Vertical Future’s Container Labs solutions, Crate to Plate will be able to upscale their systems across the UK and internationally and improve output and product quality, returning more value to end consumers.

The partnership will start with two new Container Labs at Crate to Plate’s new site in Bermondsey, London, followed by a further three planned containers at a new site in Stratford, London. From each of these locations, Crate to Plate will be able to produce over five tonnes of fresh produce per year (including lettuce, rocket, kale, herbs, microgreens and more), all delivered to consumers within 24 hours of harvest, with zero carbon footprint in transporting from farm to customer. This is also just the start of Crate to Plate’s growth plans, with many more sites planned across the UK and more broadly.

Jamie Burrows, CEO of Vertical Future, says: “Our Container Labs create the optimal growth environment for growing fresh produce and can be deployed close to points of consumption, using minimal space. Using zero chemicals and growing crops in a controlled environment enables our partners to meet demand all year-round, as opposed to regular food production systems which are reliant on seasonal limitations. Our advanced technologies, built in our Container Labs, also allow our partners to play tunes with taste, aesthetics, and nutrition.”

Sebastien Sainsbury, founder of Crate to Plate, says “Our partnership comes at a very important time of growth and development for both our ventures. It’s been incredibly encouraging and exciting to align with another dynamic, innovative and enterprising British business, which will help us to scale up our vision and execute our exciting opportunities both nationally and internationally.”

Using Vertical Future’s systems will equip Crate to Plate with more efficient growing capabilities and more tools required to meet consumers’ increasing demands for eating sustainably – in a world that demands speed, quality, and perfection.

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