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Top Emerging Workplace Innovation Trends For 2020

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Top Emerging Workplace Innovation Trends For 2020

Top Emerging Workplace Innovation Trends For 2020
January 07
12:52 2020
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Rahi Systems, a leading IT Infrastructure Provider based in County Limerick, has revealed the top digitalisation trends that will reshape the millennial workplace of the future in 2020. 

Workplace evolution is happening rapidly and the trends that are driving optimisation primarily involve the movement of traditionally physical tasks to digital spaces. In order to scale with change and empower productivity, companies must have a workplace strategy that provides a clear roadmap which will enable workplace optimisation and reduce company downtime. 

Among the top trends, the Limerick-based company has revealed that AI User Driven Experiences in the workplace delivered through different ‘edge’ devices is set to become the top trend for 2020. Hardware manufacturers and software platforms are showing a growing innovation in AI and Machine Learning technology. 

Platform providers Zoom, Microsoft and Google recently focused the use of AI machine learning to deliver meeting functionalities such as real time transcription and translation of voice during a call and the ability to then capture that content for later use. All these technology readers have highlighted the human element in their messaging, driving home the idea that AI and machine learning functionalities are designed to enhance human interaction and not to replace them.

Marcus Doran, Vice President of Rahi Systems in Europe, states: “AI, Augmented Reality and Edge technology have been buzzwords in the industry for years. Based on our customer demands we can see that AI and Edge technology are the number one technologies that will change the nature of collaboration moving forward.”

Other Top Tech Workplace Innovation Trends for 2020: 

  1. The use of AI technology is set to improve overall employee satisfaction within the workplace through its variety of high-tech functions, while also making it a more enjoyable and productive experience. AI technology will become an eminent role within the workplace as it develops and becomes increasingly current in daily collaborations. 

  2. There is no doubt that the use of voice technology in the workplace will increase. In early 2019, a Gartner study revealed that by 2021, 25 percent of Digital Workers will be utilising AI voice technology assistants to complete daily tasks. 

  3. Data is now a more highly valued commodity than oil and with this in mind, companies are increasingly shifting towards a more data-driven culture. The up-skilling of employees tech skills that will help them master data-based skills and tasks will be prevalent in 2020. 

  4. The era of ‘Edge’ devices is here and it is transforming how data is managed and delivered from device to device. The growth of internet connected devices and the new applications which need real-time computing will continue to drive the demand for Edge and the presence of these devices in workplaces will become more prevalent. In parallel with this the growth of ‘Edge’ devices will further accelerate the adoption of cloud. 

“Evolving consumerisation experiences and benefits that traditionally drove retail loyalty are now a reality for employees from an HR Perspective. The bottom line is, employees expect that they will be provided with the necessary tech tools and infrastructure they require in order to successfully fulfil their day to day obligations such as video conferencing and reliable network infrastructures.” says Marcus Doran. 

Co-founded in 2012 by US based entrepreneur Tarun Raisoni, Rahi Systems has over 25 offices across the world and they are uniquely capable of combining their products, services and solutions to create integrated IT environments that drive efficiencies and create a competitive advantage for customers. The global company now employs over 600 people across the globe and expects to continue accelerating this growth in the future with a significant focus on Irish and other European markets. 

The company’s European sales office is based in Raheen Business Park, County Limerick where it employs a team of eight people, with plans for expansion in the Irish market for 2020 set to be announced.


Pictured (L-R): Tarun Rasioni, Co-founder and CEO of Rahi Systems, and Marcus Doran, General Manager of Rahi Systems Europe.

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